Trang chủGame 18+New Genesis v0.1

New Genesis v0.1

Game information:

Name: New Genesis
Size: ~1.61gb
Publisher: Lemon Lemon
Version: v0.1


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In a world where humans and fantastic creatures coexist due to the aptitude system, you are the first human that doesn’t receive any aptitude from the Gods.
Or that was what you thought.
With the help of your personal succubus, you have the quest of stopping a war that is about to begin.
But how could you do that? Well, using LUST. Seduce, romance, subdue any and every woman you want!!!
Infiltrate all the decision-makers parts of the society and rule over everything.
But worry not this game is not rushed as hell, MC will take his time seducing and getting to know every woman he wants.


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Bugfix v0.1: I’ve encountered the same problem when playing, try to add this to your game folder Download


– PC: Unzip the file -> install exe to play
– Android: Install Apk or use Joiplay to play the game (See the instructions)


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