Country Bumpkin Yutaka

Alternate Title: MUCCHIMUCHI – Busty Bumpkin’s Bumpin’ and Humpin
Developer: Ota Guchi Field – Website – DLsite
Publisher: Kagura Games
Censorship: No – Patched
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows
Language: English

Yutaka is returning from a month in the countryside at her grandmother’s. She’s excited to meet her friends and her sister again, but destiny has bigger plans for her.

Ss 1
[PC] Country Bumpkin Yutaka [V2] 5

Talk to the townsfolk, solve their problems as well as your family’s, and play with your friends!

Ss 2
[PC] Country Bumpkin Yutaka [V2] 6

And whenever a wall seems insurmountable, Yutaka’s sister Keiko will step in, using her knowledge and experience to solve any problem Yutaka can’t tackle on her own!

Ss 3
[PC] Country Bumpkin Yutaka [V2] 7

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