Developer: YUME – Steam
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English

In “Yume”, a girl went to the dance hall left to record a program in the era of peace, but she became unhealthy and saw a red girl who looked like she was in possibilities. Is this girl, which is similar to himself, maybe someone from his past life?

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[18+ Việt Hóa] [PC] YUME [Completed] 5

In the game, you will not play as a warlord or a soldier, but as a gentle girl just trying to survive in the war. Through deep excision some outdated items that can push the plot, and multi-layered switching between characters allow the player to experience the girl’s past.

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[18+ Việt Hóa] [PC] YUME [Completed] 6

Both the reincarnation of past life or current warmth, it is important to recognize which parties are reality as soon as possible.

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[18+ Việt Hóa] [PC] YUME [Completed] 7

Yume, new plot game from us.
Satisfying the needs of players is always our goal. More hidden dressup content waiting for you to find.

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  • Key mega: s2VP6ehQlV3RdhQgqzKau7VWmoOmZ-fN5L1pFbV_soI


  • Unzip, copy and paste in “Yume_Data\Managed”


Win: OneDrive1

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Installation Guide

PW: mod18.com

Windows: Extract – install setup.exe