7 Days: Girlfriend

Censored: Yes
Version: 1.15
OS: Windows 64 Bit
Language: English

A sudden beginning of seven days of school (Erotic) life. One day, you become “1-week lovers” with your school junior (Kaori-Senpai) who is your crush. Having dated nobody so far, she learns wrong things from the internet. Erotic events start happening around the campus.​

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[18+ Việt Hóa] [PC] 7 Days: Girlfriend [v1.15] 4
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[18+ Việt Hóa] [PC] 7 Days: Girlfriend [v1.15] 5

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Win x64: Pixeldrain


Win: OneDrive

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Installation Guide

PW: mod18.com

Windows: extract – install setup.exe