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Ảnh trên Mod18 Tên: Action Taimanin Global
Ảnh trên Mod18 Thể loại: Hành Động
Ảnh trên Mod18 Dung lượng: 2.1Gb
Ảnh trên Mod18 Nhà phát hành: GREMORY GAMES INC.
Ảnh trên Mod18 Phiên bản: 2.5.29
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Tải game Action Taimanin Global miễn phí link tốc độ cao | Free download Action Taimanin Global

Tokyo. The demonic city, plagued with the demons from the dark realms. The ancient rule has prohibited the demons from interfering with humans, but with the humanity’s dark descent, the pact is now history, and the treacherous syndicates weave crime and chaos throughout the world.
In order to protect the nation, the Japanese government has established a special force, consisted of ninjas who, with their might and skills, can fight against the demonic invasion.
The world will know them… as the taimanins.

A new task force is established, composed of taimanins, to fight against the international threats and terrorist attacks.
The task force’s first mission is to retrieve the bio-weapon stolen from UFS base.

The mission takes a wild twist, as an unexpected alliance joins the team, and equally unexpected adversary reveals himself – a man who knows Igawa Asagi, the Almighty Taimanin…….

✒ Thông Tin Phiên Bản:
1. Menu (nedd Storage+Overlay Permission)
2. Dumb Enemy (dosn´t Attack)
3. High DMG (activate before Battle)
4. High DEF (activate before Battle)
5. High HP (activate before Battle)
6. High Crit (activate before Battle)

1. Giải nén tệp
2. Cài đặt Apk
3. Tạo thư mục com.GREMORYGames.ActionTaimanin vào Android/obb
4. Chuyển file đuôi obb vào Android/obb/com.GREMORYGames.ActionTaimanin
5. Chơi game