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By Midsummer Moonlight (Ep.1 R1)


Name: By Midsummer Moonlight
Category: Game 18+
Size: ~800mb
Developer: Mimir’s Lab
Version: Ep.1 R.1


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BMM is the story of Aedan Miller, an 18-year-old boy fresh out of high school, who decides he wants to join the dangerous conflict overseas. In the three weeks before his departure, old friends and new try to convince him to stay. In their desperation, they resort to using any method available to them, orthodox or otherwise, to persuade him. In the process, emotions run wild, bonds are broken and reforged anew, and feelings that may have never existed before blossom in its wake.
BMM is an attempt to revitalize the “roommate” and harem genres by injecting a dose of realism and drama into the formula. It’s best to go into the visual novel with limited knowledge of the backstory; You’ll get filled in on the details as you get further into the story.


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Incest Patch: (Download) Put the mod_x.x.x.rpy file into the “BMM…v*-pc/game” folder.

Download English

– PC: Extract the file -> install the exe to play
– Android: Install Apk or use JoiPlay to play (See the instructions)

Instructions :

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