Name: MoonFall / Butterfly Lovers
Category: Game 18+
Size: ~1.36gb
Developer: XIHE Animation
Version: Final


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2021 Galgame popular works
The story is based on Chinese legends Before the moon fell, Spending time with beautiful girl Kaori.
Whether to live in a dreamlike utopia, Or face the harsh reality.
Love, self, future, all in the world of Moonfall

Summary of the story:
On the ruins of the city, in the ruins of the church.
I started my apocalyptic journey with the silver-haired girl Xun.
Stumbling, full of moving and surprising. Towards an uncertain future.
Together with her, she left behind a journey of the end of the world that can never be forgotten.​

Download English

– PC: Extract the file -> install the exe to play

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