Developer: BraverGames Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 1.4
OS: Windows
Language: English

Damon is the story of a quiet young man who is living with his foster family.
On his birthday, he receives a strange gift in the mail… a mysterious doll.
Pretty soon, Damon learns that this doll has a mind of her own and she likes to play some very naughty games!

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[PC|Android] Damon [v1.4] 5

However, it’s not enough that Damon’s new toy gets to play with him.
She wants to really have fun… fun which involves turning Damon’s entire family into his naughty playthings!
Time to cuck Dad… 

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[PC|Android] Damon [v1.4] 6
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[PC|Android] Damon [v1.4] 7

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  • Key mega: jip6EFbKcp31kmV7_SDKkx1YBMSgkfsD7rjBTeNwlwg

Win: Win (197 MB) :WorkUploadPixelDrain

Fix Blacksrceen : Download move map0xx in to \www\data

Installation Guide

Windows: Extract – install setup.exe

Android: Use Joiplay