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Ảnh trên Mod18 Tên: Empire Warriors: Tower Defense TD
Ảnh trên Mod18 Thể loại: Chiến Thuật
Ảnh trên Mod18 Dung lượng: 92mb
Ảnh trên Mod18 Tính năng mod: Apk Mod
Ảnh trên Mod18 Phiên bản: v2.4.23
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Tải game Empire Warriors: Tower Defense TD miễn phí link tốc độ cao | Free download Empire Warriors: Tower Defense TD

Are you a fan of RPG and Real-time strategy game? If so, Empire Warriors TD: War of Heroes is the game that you’ve always been finding. In this Empire of Warriors, you’ll be blown away by the amazing of graphic 2D, which combines of role playing game features and fighting game to bring to you epic challenges and funny moments.

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1. Buy for free
2. Remove regional restrictions
3. Upgrade in battle, build towers, and use more gold coins

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