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Ảnh trên Mod18 Tên: King of Defense 2: Epic Tower Defense
Ảnh trên Mod18 Thể loại: Chiến Thuật
Ảnh trên Mod18 Dung lượng: 349mb
Ảnh trên Mod18 Tính năng mod: Mod Apk
Ảnh trên Mod18 Phiên bản: 1.0.1
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Tải game King of Defense 2: Epic Tower Defense miễn phí link tốc độ cao | Free download King of Defense 2: Epic Tower Defense

The sequel to King of Defense: Battle Frontier is King of Defense 2: Epic Tower Defense. New heroes, turrets, and invaders will debut in this sequel, which creates epic battles. The combination of turrets, which is the essential value of King of Defense, stays unchanged. In addition, heroes with excellent combat skills will aid in the defeat of the invaders.
The key to protecting the kingdom from aggressive monsters is strategy. Each must develop their own distinct and unique tactics to firmly defend the peaceful land.
Role-play as heroes in battles to gather power and awaken the potential within your heroes. Gather the necessary equipment, which includes spells, powers, techniques and tactics, to aid in preventing enemy attacks.
Go on adventures and explore the world of frozen lands, scorching deserts, land of the gods, and charming kingdoms hidden in the woods. All of those lands are waiting for you to arrive and defend them from the onslaught of ferocious monsters.
Let’s fight it out in King of Defense to become a legendary hero.

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